Etac opens new distribution center in USA

Etac, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high quality designed products which enhance independence and mobility have opened a new distribution center in the US for their Hygiene, Manual transfer, Mechanical transfer Manual Wheelchairs and ADL products. Snug Seat, Inc., Etac’s subsidiary company located in North Carolina, will now be able to offer an enhanced level of service to their customers throughout North America. In addition to offering delivery on the majority of product lines, Snug Seat has recruited a dedicated sales team to offer support and assistance.

The new operation will be led by Kirk MacKenzie, Snug Seat’s President. Snug Seat is investing heavily in this new venture and confident it’s customers will see real benefits, including 48 hour delivery on most key product lines and bringing down costs for existing distributors through more efficient shipping methods. More importantly, our dedicated sales team will be able to support our existing customers by promoting the Etac product ranges throughout the US and Canada.

Snug Seat has planned significant marketing activity for Etac products in 2013. In addition to the new website there are five new specialist catalogs covering Daily Living, Hygiene, Manual Wheelchairs, Manual Handling as well as one dedicated to Molift Mobile Lifts and Slings. Snug Seat also has an ambitious exhibition program planned for the Etac products which includes Medtrade, Safe Patient Handling, Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers, and the Canadian Seating and Mobility Expo.

The newly recruited sales team will focus on supporting Etac’s key existing distributors, and will also promote the brand and product ranges to Therapists, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Our aim is to develop the Etac brand in North America so that it is recognized as the bench mark for quality, value and function. For further information please contact:
Snug Seat, Inc. 12801 East Independence Blvd. Stallings, NC USA
Tel: 800-336-7684
Fax: 704-882-0751 Web:

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