Proud to become R82 Inc.

 Rebranding _Live

Tremendous maturation of our business

Our business process has undergone a significant transformation since we started. Snug Seat has been part of R82 for years and in order for us to stay competitively ahead; this requires an evolution of the brand as we no longer sell a “snug seat”. We are a solutions oriented full line pediatric provider of R82 products were we also will continue to incorporate Etac and MoLift products.

Over the last 32 years, R82 has experienced a tremendous maturation and diversification allowing us to go from being a small family owned business to becoming one of the market leading global brands that provides cutting-edge pediatric aids. With the pace at which our company is growing and the need to be more agile with the changes in the marketplace, unifying all subsidiaries is vital, thus rebranding Snug Seat to R82 Inc. is an important milestone for future success.

Our new name does not change our current relationship with you. All our billings and official documents will carry the new name. Note that the new website name will be The current global will be changed to effective September 15, 2015. Our Canadian website has been changed to

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Scott Crosswhite,
Vice President

Jan Ellegaard,
Chief Executive Officer




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